Using Filters With Coffee Percolators


Using a Paper Filter in a Percolator / Moka Pot

Coffee Percolators were designed to be used without the need of any type of paper filters. However, it doesn’t hurt to use one and not only that it makes clean up a little easier.

Percolator coffee pots have a built in filtered basket so the need for paper filters is not necessary.

Do you need a filter for a percolator coffee pot?

The coffee pot was designed that filters were not needed. However adding a filter can do two things.

  1. It will still allow the coffee’s full flavor through while trapping bitter grounds and oils.
  2. If you purchase or make your grounds much finer then using a filter will prevent any of those grounds from entering into your coffee.

There are other ways that percolators can use paper filters and brew filtered coffee.

You have the option of filtering your coffee through a paper filter AFTER brewing. You do this by pouring the hot coffee through a paper filter after you brew it in a percolator. Simply pour hot coffee over a paper filter and allow it to drip into a cup.

You can also use a paper filter inside of the percolator DURING the brewing process. Melitta came up with a dics paper filter that fits a percolator. You can find them here though Amazon.

How do you keep coffee grounds out of a percolator?

Use paper filters to keep the loose coffee grounds from falling into the coffee or choose a coarser grind to hep prevent the grounds from entering the percolator.


Brew your coffee the same way as usual with your percolator but add a disc filter in the middle chamber to have yourself an even more cleaner and flavorful cup of coffee without any of the oils and grounds flowing into your mug.


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