Using Coffee Grounds in your Garden.


While visiting my local Starbucks I noticed they had a sign at the counter that said free when I looked down I saw that it was a bag of used coffee grounds.   The sign next to it says perfect for your garden.

Well that got me thinking is adding coffee grounds to your garden a good thing.  I get it and totally understand you not wanting to waste things as you could use the coffee ground and the used filters from your morning beverage as compost. 

However, is it really good for your garden?

Doing a little bit of research some studies say that it could be harmful to your plants so if this is something that you would like to try I suggest starting off with small sections first and then going from there. 

You can actually create a separate bin for your worms and use coffee grounds as food supplement as worms do enjoy it.  

You can also try sprinkling a little on top or mixing into your fertilizer where are areas that you know and will such as cats may be wandering into your garden. Coffee grounds smell could veer off those cats so they wouldn’t use your garden as a litter box.

I didn’t find a whole lot of information on exactly what type of Studies have been done showing that coffee grounds is good for your plants however like I mentioned earlier try testing in the small area first to see if that actually creates a healthy environment for your plants.

 I mean if they’re giving it away and lots of people are saying that it’s a good thing then the only way to find out is just to try it yourself however make sure that it’s on plants that you can test with and have a way of reviving if they start to get sick 

Final Thoughts

My personal opinion is to give it a shot I mean I do like the smell of coffee and can add it to my fertilizer and if worms like it then I don’t see why the worms couldn’t feed on it and produce better soil for the plant so it’s definitely something I would try if I owned a garden.


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