Using A Thermos For Making Coffee


There was a time in my youth where I remembered using a thermos filled with hot broth to stay warm during my little league baseball games On a cold winter night.

Now that I’ve gotten older I use my thermos for other things. Sometimes I still use it for soups and broths but nowadays it’s mostly for hot water because I keep instant coffee packs in my glove compartment. 

Using a thermos for making coffee can be done by brewing your coffee ahead of time and storing in your coffee thermos or boiling hot water and using that from the thermos as a pour-over brewing method.

If you decide to brew your coffee ahead of time and use the thermos as storage there are a few things to consider beforehand and in this article I’m going to go over them with you.

Making the Freshest Coffee with your Thermos

If you want to have fresh coffee then instead of Brewing ahead of time and just simply storing it inside your thermos you will want to boil hot water and then add that to your thermos.

A classic vacuum bottle thermos I should keep your water hot for up to 24 hours however the quicker you can use it the better it will be for pouring over your coffee grounds.

However, if you’re into simplicity then just brew your coffee your normal way and store inside your thermos and drink directly from that.

If you would like to add milk to your coffee then just be sure that your thermos stays above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Once the temperature drops below then be sure to drink your coffee within 2 hours to avoid any bacterial growth and sourness from the milk.

What Thermos Should Be Used For Coffee

When looking for a thermos to store your coffee look for something made out of 18 / 8 stainless steel and holds around two quarts of liquid.  

Depending on your needs Your options can include something with a nice handle or something slim fit that would be perfect for a backpack.  Some of your services may even have a cap that can double as a cup.

The most important thing to look for is that it is stainless steel and has really good seals.

Final Thoughts

Thermoses aren’t just for chicken soup they can also be used to keep your coffee nice and hot for you on those cold winter nights or whenever you want your coffee in a pinch.


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