The Wonders of White Coffee


Let’s start with the boost of energy you get from having a cup!

One would say White Coffee has higher caffeine content than fully-roasted black coffee. This is due to the way it is prepared.

First off, the beans used for white coffee are Robusta and that already has slighter more caffeine than your normal Arabica coffee beans which is found in regular black coffee.

Next is the method is to roast the beans. For white coffee, one would roast the beans half way through and at a much lower temperature. Doing this results in a noticeable white bean color and by roasting at a lower temperature you are preserving more caffeine in the beans.

(White Coffee is roasted to around 325 Degrees whereas fully roasted coffee is roasted to anywhere from 450 Degrees to 480 Degrees)

The potency of caffeine content depends on the duration of roasting and temperature. With white coffee being barely roasted, one can expect a high amount of caffeine per scoop.

Even with the same Robusta beans, this lower temp roasting will result a flavor with a much more noticeable nutty and sweet taste which differs from traditional black coffee.

What Are The Benefits of White Coffee

Caffeine content is more potent. So if you’re seeking an extra bit of energy then simply replacing your normal coffee with this can give you a little more pep in your step.

Coffee in general has healthy antioxidants and since white coffee is roasted at a lower temperature, it will retain more of the health benefits that normally would have been roasted away.

Coffee becomes acidic during the roasting process and with White coffee that is cut in half and will be less acidic and easier on your stomach and digestive system than traditionally roasted black.

White coffee is also said to retain more chlorogenic acid (which is an antioxidant) than regular coffee all due to the roasting process.

How To Make White Coffee

This coffee can be brewed the same way as regular coffee however the end result will look more translucent in color.

Side Note: If you enjoy medium and dark roast coffee, chances are this will be an acquired taste since it isn’t as bold. When preparing you can mix up your dark roast 60/40 with this so that you get the extra caffeine from the white roast and still your dark bold flavors.

Brewing depends on the type of coffee machine or home brewer you have. 

It has a very nutty flavor that blends well with all the same creamers and flavors that fully-roasted coffee does.

Where To Buy

There are plenty to choose from and I can’t say I’m an expert at white coffee at all since I only tried one brand.

I wanted to do some research on the difference and share it with you so I gave Poverty Bay Coffee Co. a try with their White Coffee I found on Amazon.

Wasn’t bad on price and because I mixed it with my Dark Roast this bag lasted awhile.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think I would ever tried this if I didn’t have a blog about coffee because I like Dark Roast so much.

However, because of this blog I have been able to experiment with so many different brands and types of coffee that am glad I gave this one a try. I thought it would be like drinking hot water but I was wrong and the taste is of that of a light roast but the nutty flavor work well with heavy cream which is the way I like my coffee.


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