How a Coffee Press Works


Nowadays you are seeing more giant steel machinery at coffee shops and also some pretty advance makers for home use as well and may have thought to yourself that this is the better way to brew your coffee.

Chances are you possibly believe that because of all the new technology and bells and whistles. While these machines do make great tasting cups of coffee with precision and consistency, it’s more for streamlining their process and pumping out as much cups as they can for their customers.

This doesn’t mean the manual coffee press is outdated nor does it mean you can’t make your coffee just as good , if not better with a simple press.

Coffee Press

How Does A Coffee Press Work? Using a French Press (a.k.a. cafetiere), coffee grounds are steeped in hot water typically inside a glass vessel. Once the coffee grounds are done steeping, a metal mesh filter is pressed to the bottom of the vessel which then separates the coffee grounds from the liquid coffee which to be poured into your mug.

In a nutshell; the coffee grounds are first wetted, the hot water is infused, allowing the grounds to be steeped and then summarily filtered before pouring using the ‘press’ action.

The Advantage

Using a French Press over other brewing methods allows more of the oils and oil based flavors in the coffee grounds to remain enabling you to extract the coffee’s full flavor while retaining its thick and rich consistency.

Drip coffee uses filters that strain out the oils and while this is personal preference, if you try the two you can tell the difference.

Also, I would like to note that if you are trying to avoid fat or if you don’t like the flavors from the coffee’s oils then you may not opt for French Press coffee as the taste while can may be subtle at first, will be noticeable after a few sips.

Perhaps you could also be one of the people who loves the taste of French Press like myself.

Adjusting steep times and the water will make a big impact on taste, so tinker with that and you too may find yourself skipping those steel machines and asking your barista to make you a hot cup French Press coffee.

How To Make Pressed Coffee

Full brewing instruction can be found here for making coffee with a French Press but here are quick steps to get an idea.

Here’s how to make a pot of French press Coffee.

  • Remove the plunger from the French press
  • Grind and measure one heaping tablespoon of coffee to the pot per 6 oz of water
  • Pour hot water into the pot and gently stir making sure to saturate all the grounds
  • Reinsert the plunger with the mesh filter just above the water level and let it remain there for 3-4 minutes.
  • Slowly press the plunger until it reaches the bottom of the press
  • Serve and enjoy

Final Thoughts

The coffee press is a brewing method that has been around for generations and even with all the new advancement in tech and makers I feel like the old school art and process of using a press is still one of the best ways to enjoy brewing your coffee.


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