Different Coffee Brewing Methods To Know


There’s no one-size-fit-all when making coffee. Just as there are many different types of ways to prepare a meal, the same goes for brewing your coffee.

Brewing coffee can be done in numerous methods. The most popular ways to brew coffee is through the use of a coffee maker with the drip method, using a French press, or using a filter to brew via a pour over.

In this article we’re going to touch base with these three methods aSo you’ll have a little more understanding of different ways that coffee can be made.

Drip Brewing

The term drip refers to the method of brewing coffee where the hot water is poured through filtered coffee grounds and drips into a carafe.

Drip Brewing is done through the process of pulling cold filtered water out of a reservoir and warming up the water with heat and pressure so that it could be siphoned through a machine, the water is then filtered through the ground so that the freshly brewed coffee can pass through the paper filter into a carafe to complete your coffee brew. 

French Press

The French Press is a really simple way to make coffee and  what I enjoy most about it is the actual hands-On approach you have with creating the coffee from scratch.

The French Press uses a steeping method where you’re submerging coffee grounds into a cylindrical pot for a few minutes and then pressing down on a plunger to keep the grounds on the bottom and then pouring the rest of the content through the filter into your coffee mug.

The French Press  was invented in 1929 and it’s still used and many households to this day.   There’s something about the manual brewing process that just makes this feel almost like art work when creating your coffee. 

You kind of go through a morning ritual when making your coffee and the French price is one of those coffee makers that makes this a part of your daily routine.

Pour Over

Similar to that of the French Press Where this is a manual process using the pour over you actually get to fine-tune your coffee even more.

Brewing coffee with a pour-over method includes using Either a wage, cone, or most commonly flat bottomed filter.   this filter is placed on top of your mug  and filled with most likely finally ground coffee beans. And you would use hot water more than likely from a kettle and slowly pour in a circular motion over all the grounds until they’re all saturated and begin to slowly drift into your coffee mug below.

Final Thoughts

As much as I like the ease and simplicity of using a coffee maker and filling it up with water the night before and just pressing a button to make my coffee in the morning I still do enjoy the manual process of using coffee makers  such as a French press and pour-over.

You can use the same coarseness and  ground coffee in each of these coffee makers but yet depending on how long you brew how long do you steep how hot the water is  will change the flavor notes of the coffee when done brewing.


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