Cowboy Coffee: Making Coffee The Old School Way


Cowboy Coffee Over Hot Coals

If you decide to go camping and don’t want to bring too much supplies with you but need to have your coffee well instead of bringing that fantasy Chemex or French Press with you all you need is just your grinder, some fresh ground coffee, water and a pot to brew it in.

Cowboy Coffee is coffee made from by boiling ground roasted coffee beans in a pot over a heat source (open fire).

What is Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee is essentially just the process of making coffee by means of using a pot end the heating Source where you just pour ground roasted coffee beans and wait for it to boil over.

This method isn’t fancy nor was it intended to be however the Simplicity of it can still create a really great tasting coffee without the needs of fancy utensils filters or anything else. You just need a pot, coffee grounds, some water and a way to heat it all up..

Perhaps you seen this brewing method before and didn’t even realize it.  I’ve seen a few western movies and tv shows where a group of people or maybe just two sitting around a campfire.

On that campfire there’s usually some type of large tin container filled with water and coffee grounds ready to be brewed by the fire.

That’s where I can recall seeing this method and I’ve had my share of cooking on campfires but never have I tried making Cowboy Coffee.  After some research I found one of the easiest ways to do it and I am going to share that here with you.

How To Make Cowboy Coffee

  1. Fill pot/vessel with desired amount of water for the amount of cups you would like to make
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of coffee ground per cup of water (6oz)  
  3. Do not stir
  4. Place over heat source and once it begins to boil, allow it to continue to boil for 5 minutes (this will help reduce the acid taste)
  5. Remove from heat and set aside for 5 minutes
  6. Add a splash of cold water to the pot. (this will cause the floating grounds to fall to the bottom)
  7. Slowly pour the coffee into a cup, so that the coffee grounds remain into the the pot and don’t transfer into your mug

Final Thoughts

While there may be plenty of coffee makers out there that can speed up the process or make things more convenient, sometimes it’s just a journey and the process which can make things enjoyable.  

I can definitely see myself trying this as one it gives me a way to experience And learn how to make coffee the old-fashioned way. Plus having good conversations and hanging with friends would be something I could do along the way while brewing a nice pot of coffee. 

With that said next time you find yourself camping give the cowboy coffee method a try. 


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