Cold Brew vs Black Coffee; Which Is Stronger?


One of the biggest misconception about cold brew is that people think it’s always stronger and has more caffeine compared to hot brewed coffee.

Here is what you should know about the two. Cold brew is made with a higher ratio of coffee to water and the concentrate made from it can have considerably more caffeine than the same volume of hot brewed coffee.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that cup of cold brew is going to be stronger. There are other factors to consider that can alter the amount of caffeine and in this article I will go over those with you.

Is cold brew stronger than brewed coffee?

The answer lies in the ratio of coffee grounds to water. If you are using the same brew-to-water ratios, the cold brew will definitely have less caffeine than hot.

Cold brew is made with a ratio that is 2 to 2 1/2 times more coffee grounds to water verses hot black coffee making it more concentrated and stronger. However if you consider the addition of ice and/or milk it will dilute the cold brew concentrate which could bring it to the same caffeine per cup or less than regular brewed black coffee.

Do you need a special coffee maker for cold brew?

There aren’t any special machines or equipment needed to make cold brew coffee. This is something that can be done at home by simply brewing a full carafe of coffee in your regular brewer, letting it cool, and then serving when chilled.

When you are ready to server a cup of cold brewed iced coffee, fill a glass with ice cubes and pour in the cold coffee. Then you can add any additional milk/cream and sugar to your desired taste.

How do you make cold brew less bitter?

If you find that your cold brew is tastes a little bitter it usually because the coffee grounds used to make it was very fine. Use a coarser ground and reduce the steeping time and this can help eliminate that bitter taste from your cold brew.

Final Thoughts

The way you brew and how fine or coarse the grounds are plays an important factor but the main thing to consider when making a cold brewer stronger or weaker than your standard cup of black coffee is to think of the ratio of coffee ground to water.

You can make a delicious cup of cold and hot brew coffee at home with no special machines and the amount you adjust for coffee grounds to water ratio will determine how stron or weak your coffee ends up.

Take the time and experiment with different coarse of grounds and tweak it until you end up with the taste you are looking for.


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