Choosing Coffee for Beginners


My first cup of coffee was Vietnamese style. It was made with I dark roast and 2 tablespoons of sugar and condensed  sweetened milk.    I was hooked.    I’m so glad that I was able to start with something that was very tasty and work my way up to trying other different flavors.

In this article I mention trying Cafe americanos where the coffee is diluted with water which to me isn’t something I really like but it is a stepping stone to having straight black coffee I didn’t like the diluted version of coffee with water so it’s not my choice however I suggest you try to see if it works and your taste bud agrees with it

First time coffee drinkers should consume a darker roast coffee blend with additives such as sugar and creamer to sweeten up the flavor.   Coffee straight for the first time drinker maybe too bitter and strong and that’s why starting off, a beginner should add some sort of sweetener.

Latte, Iced Lattes, Cafe Americanos, , Mochas, and Cappuccinos should be the very first coffee drinks for someone just being introduced into this new choice of beverage.

Lattes should be the first  copy of choice due to the milk added which helps to remove the acidic and bitter taste of plain black coffee.  

The next option would be trying a cappuccino. A cup of cappuccino Would be served as a smaller cup it have a slightly stronger taste since there is less milk than a latte.  

At this point you’re slowly removing milk and sweeteners to get yourself more acclimated to the taste of coffee.

I want to bring in a personal preference comment here. Starting off with a latte with milk and sugar or any type of sweeteners doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drink black coffee afterwards.  The purpose of this article is to get you accustomed to the coffee taste by starting off with something sweet first and then working your way to black coffee.

I still don’t like Black Coffee by itself so no matter what I’m going to always choose something to it. Whether that is syrup, sugars or sweetened condensed milk.

Now back to what you should try after the cappuccino. Once you had your iced coffee latte and cappuccino,  I suggest trying a cafe Americano.

The reason is that unlike a latte and cappuccino which is diluted with milk my Cafe Americano is diluted with water.  Using water is not going to change the taste as much as milk does.    I think the cafe Americano is probably in the middle stage of the coffee drinks when it comes to having really sweet and sugary like a latte all the way up to drinking straight coffee.

Lastly, I would say try a mocha which is a mix of chocolate and espresso. This would be the last resort or beverage I say to start with before trying plain coffee all by itself.

After you’ve given them all a try now it’s time to move on to consuming coffee without any additives and I suggest starting off with a light roast then medium then dark.

Again, I’m only suggesting this route as someone as a new coffee drinker to learn the different taste working your way from something that it’s much easier on the palate all the way to tasting with coffee and his purest form is like.

Final Thoughts

After you’ve worked your way from coffee with milk to straight coffee this is where you can begin to decide which flavors you enjoy the most.

Occasionally I’ll still have a cup of black coffee but my preferred is something with a touch of sweetened condensed milk and maybe one teaspoon of sugar.

Try what was recommended here and in order so that way you can work your way up see consuming coffee and trying the many different other flavors that are out there.


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