Choosing A Portable Coffee Maker For Your Car


Enjoy Fresh Brewed Coffee While Traveling

Sometimes I run late in the morning and don’t have time to prepare for my drip coffee since I want to beat the morning traffic rush. When this happens my next step is to stop by WaWa’s, however I dread waiting in line at the convenient stores so my next best option is get to my location and get my coffee there. (That’s if they even have a a maker)

Which got me into looking at portable kettles and coffee makers. With the camper and traveler in mind, there are a few companies that have made portable products that allow us to make coffee from our vehicles no matter where we are.

Portable coffee makers chosen for use in cars should be small in size and battery operated or able to connect to the vehicles 12-volt socket.

There are a few things you will need when thinking about choose a portable coffee maker for your car and in this article I will help you discover those things so you can piece together your own traveling kit.

What To Look For When Buying A Portable Coffee Maker

There’s a huge range of different types of coffee makers on the market, and the style of coffee they make also varies. Knowing what it is you want to consume before making a decision to purchase will save you time and money.

It’s important to pick a portable coffee maker that can brew your preferred style of coffee, especially as no one travel coffee maker has the ability to make every type of coffee.

Checklist of Things To Think About First

How large of a maker and other accessories can you fit in your vehicle or luggage without taking too much precious space? Here’s a few things to consider.

  • Do you want something handheld and small that you could store in your glove box
  • Do you have enough storage in your vehicle for something with multiple parts
  • Are you traveling in a car or RV that has space for you to prepare your coffee
  • How many cups at once do you need
  • How will you be preparing the hot water
  • Do you have the power source needed? Will you need a convertor
  • Do you have a portal grinder
  • Will you need to milk frother

How Much Brew Do You Need To Make

Will this coffee be for one person, one cup, or for a family where a 4-6 cup coffee maker will be wanted?

Also think about required hot water to make your coffee. If the coffee maker you buy doesn’t have a way to heat the coffee via a power source (12-volt car socket, 110v or 240v) you’re going to need something that will.

If you’re camping, then chances you’ll already have access to a portable stove camp fire which can be used to heat your water, so this might not be an issue.


Drinking coffee from a dirty maker isn’t cool. You’ll want to know beforehand how easy it will be to clean your coffee maker, so that it isn’t a big task and you will use it more frequently.

Some makers can be cleaned with a quick rinse, while others may have more components that need to be cleaned after use.

If something requires more effort to use then chances are you may skip using it entirely, so be sure that you don’t mind any of the necessary steps needed

Final Thoughts

Many of us find coffee to be a staple of our morning routine and being able to have your cup of joe when you want it is key.

So that’s why knowing what to look for before you buy a portable coffee maker will help you enjoy your favorite brew no matter where or how you travel.

Lastly, one more thing for you to think about. Will this product be useful in other situations other than just travel. Can you see yourself using it at home, work, hiking, or on a picnic at a local park? That may help you if you’re on the fence on what model to buy.

Oh yeah, totally off subject but I forgot to mention but I think all of us coffee lovers should invest in a quality thermos too. This will help keep our travel coffee warmer much longer.


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