I’m Scott and this blog celebrates everything and anything to do with Roasting Coffee. Here you will find, among other things, coffee recipes, tips and hopefully some motivation to make and enjoy better coffee whether you are at home, the office or while traveling.

My Journey

While working on Freedom Roasters Coffee (I’ll get to that in a moment) I wanted to document the ups and downs along with the things I learned while grinding and roasting my own coffee.

Having my coffee table filled with you guessed it Coffee Magazines, I decided that I wanted to get into making my own coffee and that’s when Freedom Roasters was created.

My story started in my garage in a small town in southwest Ohio. With a 1 pound roaster and a workbench.

Next thing you know, roast after roast and hundreds of pounds of coffee beans later I finally dialed in what is to be my favorite blends of coffee and wanted to share that with the world.

I documented the process and then opened up my own shop so I could turn my hobby of brewing the perfect cup into a full time business.

Here you will find my tips and a few recipes while on my Freedom Roasters page you can actually purchase some of that packaged goodness.

If you enjoy this blog and the tips I’ve shared, please consider giving my coffee a try. I’d appreciate it and look forward to serving you the best coffee and content I can.

Thanks for stopping by,

Scott Hughes