8 Types of Coffee Makers: Which One Is Best For You


There’s a lot of different types of coffee makers out there and depending on your habits and personal preference you have a few things to decide before purchasing your next coffee maker.

Brewing coffee can be done in various makers and sizes. There are drip makers, pour over, single serve, French Press, Aeropress, cold brew, and even stovetop coffee makers which can change the taste and flavor of any brewed coffee to your liking.

I’ll be touching over  8 different types of coffee makers and some of their specialties so that way you could make  a wise decision on which maker is most suitable for you and your lifestyle.

  • Drip Maker Coffee
  • Pour-Over Coffee Maker
  • Single Serve Capsule Coffee Maker
  • French Press Coffee Maker
  • AeroPress Coffee Maker
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker
  • Vietnamese Coffee Maker (Phin)
  • Percolator Coffee Maker

Drip Coffee Maker

Let’s start off with a traditional drip coffee maker this is the one you see in most households and even known as the staple coffee maker. Drip coffee makers are perfect if you want to make coffee every day and some with special features can even allow you to set up a timer to automatically Brew a batch of coffee first thing in the morning for you. 

It’s simple to use and can keep your coffee warm for long periods of time as well.

Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Pour over coffee makers come in three varieties. First up you have the flat bottom which is the most common used pour-over coffee maker. 

Next would be a cone-shaped coffee maker that takes a little more precision and calls for slowly pouring your water into the vessel in a circular motion.  Because this is a cone-shaped the amount of water you pour it’s a saint with emotion and determine the flow at the end point of the cone.

The flat bottom pour over coffee maker Only requires that you pour water into the top portion where the filter and grounds are.   There isn’t any specific point of exit like the cone so no need to be precise when pouring in the hot water.

The  final variety of pour over coffee maker would be the wedge.  the wedge is kind of a combination or you could say a hybrid of the actual pour over flat bottom and the cone-shaped so it doesn’t need to be as precise however the circular hot water pouring motion is still recommended.

 you may be wondering why there are three different styles of pour over coffee makers and that’s because each one can affect the outcome of the flavored from the coffee grounds.     the flat bottom is the most common and is probably the most equal flavor amount since you just pouring over the whole thing versus you’ll get more of a concentrated taste with the cone.

Single Serve Capsule Coffee Maker

If you prefer to have your coffee and a single serve portion then there are coffee makers that have specialized cups you may have seen these called Keurig K-Cups and these can do single serving cups at a time.

this may come in handy over the use of a standard  drip coffee maker if you’re only needing just one cup to take with you. there won’t be apply it or container on the bottom that you keep your coffee warm it just does one single cup serve directly into your mug and you can drink immediately from that..

This is a good option if you want something quick and simple that has tons of different pod flavors for your choosing.

French Press Coffee Maker

There’s something about using a French Press when brewing coffee.  I don’t know what it is exactly but it could possibly be using the plunger to press the coffee grounds that gives me such a rewarding satisfaction.

Earlier we mentioned the pour-over method and there is something satisfying about using a cone coffee maker because of the process of using a hot kettle slowly pouring over in a circular motion. 

Well that same satisfaction to be had with a French press as you’re able to go ahead  Brew your coffee add finish it by using the plunger before serving.

If you’re not familiar with the French Press many of them all have the same design where there’s a brewing chamber with some type of handle that has a plunger with a mesh filter that compresses down the coffee grounds towards the bottom of the container.

Again going back to the simple methods of a coffee maker or you just placed a filter and grounds and then pressing a button is one thing versus actually having going through a process of filtering pressing a plunger going to Circular hot water motion and all those sorts which makes making coffee and art not just something for your morning consumption.

AeroPress Coffee Maker

What you start talking about Aeropress coffee making you’re getting into some stylistic and Barista type stuff. 

Similar to that of the French Press where a French press uses a wire or nylon mesh filter the Aeropress uses a disposable paper filter however there are several companies that make reusable metal filters for the aeropress.

Some of the benefits of using an Aeropress  includes a shorter Brewing time which leads to less acidic coffee while still extracting generous amounts of flavor from the ground.

Instead of using a plunger an Aeropress uses air pressure to extract the flavor and instead of using  courser grind like that of the French press,  the Aeropress uses fine ground coffee similar to that of drip coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

All coffees don’t need to be hot in fact sometimes a cold brew is perfect for lunch or times where something refreshing but yet still highly bold and flavor with that cake of caffeine that you want is needed.

Cold brew coffee is made by steeping coarse ground coffee beans in water there’s no need for special equipment or Machinery.

Cold brew it is incredibly simple to make however the drawback is that it does take much longer to Brew. In fact you should steep your beans for at least twelve hours before you actually plan on consuming it.

I have memories of my mother steeping tea in the Sun and this is very similar where you’re just grabbing a large container filling it with Cold or room temperature water something to start with and allow it to sit in the  refrigerator for at least twelve hours before serving.

Quick note that cold brew is not iced coffee however you could certainly turn your cold brew into an iced coffee drink but it’s not the same by the means of preparation.

Vietnamese Coffee Maker (Phin)

Vietnamese coffee has been one of my favorites for the longest and the coffee maker is simply a piece of stainless steel called a phin.

The process of making Vietnamese coffee is very similar to that of the pour over. This device which is called a fin is similar to the pour over flat bottom peace.

This Steel container fits on top of your glass or mug and has a chamber where you can place your finely ground coffee beans into with a metal mesh on top that is screwed down to compress the grounds.

Once this is placed over your coffee mug you can begin to slowly pour in hot water until it reaches close to the top  and then allow it to drain and do this a few more times until you have one cup of coffee.

usually in your coffee before you make it would be 1 tbsp of condensed sweetened milk that the hot coffee drips on top of some people may add sugar as well but usually this Wheaton condensed milk is added first with the hot coffee water pouring on top of it.

Percolator Coffee Maker

Last up on our list is the percolator also known as the stovetop coffee maker. there are many different types of percolator coffee makers some are also smaller and used for making one cup at a time called a Moka pot. 

There are  percolator coffee makers that are much larger and used for camping.   this is especially useful when there’s multiple cups needed to be made.

A percolator will have a couple pieces so think of just a container which is your coffee pot with a container inside that has a filter which holds your grounds when the coffee pot is on top of the fire it begins to boil and there’s a tubing that extract the hot water into the filter and it begins to boil inside and that’s when you know the coffee is finished.

Final Thoughts

We’ve just cut over eight different styles of coffee makers and the reason why I created this article voice to give you an idea of what some of these coffee makers are how they’re being used and depending on your purpose which one might be best for you.

 If you’re somewhere that just once 1 cup in the morning and no hassle then maybe a single serve coffee makers all you need. If you’re someone that enjoys camping then a large percolator coffee pot may be the best option for you where he’s something you can just throw right on top of the fire.

 so depending on your needs you may not always want to go to the process of taking 15 to 20 minutes to make the cup of coffee where you can just press a button I just allow it to pour from the machine itself so it just all depends on what you would like to have when you get your cup of coffee.

 For me I still enjoy making coffee with the phin.   I get to control how much water is being poured at what speed which will allow me to adjust the taste of the coffee to my liking.


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